SIGHT Chairs:

2021 – 2022         Moustafa Farouk , Chairman

2020 – 2021         Amr Hesham , Chairman

2018 – 2020         Mohamed Sief , Chairman

SIGHT Project
"enta mnawar" (You are lighting) :

IEEE SIGHT group in Egypt is working to provide reliable, lower price and a clean energy source in their local community. The project includes: A renewable energy awareness program in schools, in conjunction with NGO “Brilliant Minds School”. The group will hold many simple technical sessions about renewable energy with students. A training program for university students to design a PV system. The design and installation of a PV system in Assiut city to increase the general standard of living of its inhabitants.

SIGHT Events:

The event was divided into two series parts :

1- Talks: Keynote speeches, short talks and discussion panels.

2- Workshops: Each workshop will start with a small talk about (projects management, Business modeling and fund raising) then the attendees work on their ideas through these guide lines. Each workshop topic must be applied on the idea of the group. All the ideas must be targeting the Sustainable Development Goals.

IEEE SIGHT awareness:

We held humanitarian workshops for the Egyptian student branches and we communicated with them to generate ideas to be implemented as future projects to help the community with technology.

Joint Events with other SIGHT groups:

“Side of SIGHT” event in cooperation with IEEE SIGHT Al-Huson University in March 2019.

Attending events outside Egypt:

Attending IEEE Region 8 SYP congress 2018.

Attending the IEEE Jordan SYP congress 2019.