Region 8 leaders meeting

Region 8 leaders meeting


IEEE Egypt Section was so excited for welcoming the Op-Com during their tour in Egypt to prepare for the Region 8 meeting next October.

With the attendance of:

Eng. Mohamed Amin, Senior Account Manager at Nokia and the IEEE Industry Engagement Member

Prof. Tamer El Batt, IEEE Egypt Section Vice Chairperson and Professor at Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University and American University in Cairo

Prof. Ahmed Hassan, the IEEE Egypt Section Chair and the Dean of Computer Science School at Nile University

Prof. Ljupco Karadzinov, the IEEE Region 8 General Secretary and the Professor of Electrical Engineering and IT at the Faculty of Engineering, SCMU at Macedonia

Prof. Samir Shahen, the IEEE Egypt Section former Chair and the former Dean of Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University

Prof. Adam Jastrzebski, the IEEE Region 8 Treasuer and the visiting Professor at ESIGELEC and Reader at University of Kent

Prof. Ahmed Darwish, the IEEE Egypt Section former Chair and the former Minister of Administration Development

Prof. Antonio Luque, the IEEE Region 8 Director and the Electronics Engineering Professor at Universidad de Sevilla

Prof. Ahmed Madian, the IEEE Egypt Section General Secretary and the Department Director of Electronics and Communications Engineering at Nile University

Prof. Islam Tharwat, the IEEE Egypt Section Computer Chapter Chair and the Assistant Professor of Information Technology and Computer Science at Nile University and Ain Shams University.

Prof. Mohamed Galal Khafagy, the IEEE Egypt Section Industry Relations Officer and the Radio Strategy, Design and Architecture Engineer at Vodafone

Eng. Abdelrahman Mohammed, the IEEE Egypt SAC Communications and Outreach Officer, Vice-Chair at the IEEE Cairo University Student Branch

Eng. Mohamed Hatem, the IEEE Egypt Section former Student Representative and former Chair of IEEE Zewail City Student Branch

Grand Nile Tower, Cairo, Egypt.


Our Student Leaders in IEEE Egypt Section are now having a Regional Experience.

In a very rich Regional 2-hours workshop that was managed and presented by the Op-Com of Region 08, Our Student Leaders of more than 10 SBs have a deep discussion of the following topics:

-IEEE foundation and conception.
-IEEE membership value.
-Why volunteering enhances your opportunities.
-How IEEE Region 8 supports Student and Students Intatives.

Our Student Branches which participate in the Regional workshop are:
🔹Zagazig SB
🔹Kaferelsheikh SB
🔹6th October SB
🔹Modern Academy SB

Grand Nile Tower, Cairo, Egypt.