IEEE MUST Student Branch

We are IEEE MUST SB, founded in 2011. Since the branch was founded, we tried to match the vision of IEEE, and implementing it in our university, we have collaborated with different colleges in different events, participated in many competitions, and we always working on projects, that benefits the volunteers in their skills, while improving on the branch. By he years we have done several events, that serve different fields and even a several edition events, such as Startup Mania, and Career Capitalist Program. Our Technical committee has 4 Subcommittees: Embedded Systems, Machine Learning, Web Development and Problem Solving. We work as a study group learning together, having internal competitions and practicing entering real competitions later, such as Minesweepers, Metal Monster Fight, IEEE Xtream, IEEEDuino and Others. All that besides our other committees, between HR, PR, Media, Marketing, Branding, Operation, we all work to help improve the branch in different areas, creating a system that always get developed to fit our changes. We try to serve many faculties not only Engineering and CS, but we also started with being active in Mass Communication college and Business College, as we got different committees in our branch beside Technical committee, that any volunteer can gain the needed skills in it. We are currently 150 Volunteers