IEEE Modern Academy Student Branch

In 2012, our branch was founded by a group of top achievers in the faculty of Engineering. But although it was created by engineering students, it aimed to serve each and every student who has an interest in technology or personal growth. Since day one, our team has been helping, inspiring, creating, and innovating.

For 10 years, we have worked hard to build a community that is keen to share their knowledge and experiences, has high skills on both technical and non-technical levels, values the volunteering concept itself, appreciates teamwork, seeking new challenges, in addition to keeping up with new technology trends and helping in spreading them. In fact, we have always been fond of technology and we were concerned with spreading this love to the community we are in.

And so, through the years we have had 1000+ volunteers that collaborated in holding 80+ events and sessions, organizing 20+ workshops, joining 10+ technical competitions and reaching high ranks in them, having 30+ partnerships and sponsorships, as well as releasing the first technical magazine in our university. Our branch now has 50+ volunteers who are working in a full swing to serve their community through different activities in addition to enhancing their own skills.