IEEE Egyptian Chinese University Student Branch

Our student branch, created in 2021 by 12 students from the faculty of engineering, decided to create some principles at our SB, such as our SB’s being more than just a place to get sessions and events, but a huge family. We accepted some students who didn’t belong to the faculty of engineering into some committees such as HR, PR, Media, and Events. In 2022, our volunteers increased to 118 volunteers. We follow all the rules of the IEEE organization and never break them. We worked to improve the relationship between our branch and other branches by attending all the events of the IEEE Egypt Section and attending events that were organized by SAC or supported by SAC. Our events, which were done at the last session or the first session, were served to the faculty of engineering only, but in this session we decided to make a special mix between the faculties of business and engineering, such as digital marketing and how to change your project to be idea in the real world.