IEEE Badr University Student Branch

IEEE BUC SB is one of the latest branches in Egypt. It has been founded in March 2022. This year is our first year and our family contains around 80 volunteer students. Our mission is to make members and volunteers highly qualified, whether on a technical or personal level, by carrying out a series of activities such as training and seminars every season to participate in local and international competitions and achieve advanced positions in them as well as qualifying them for work. This year we are working on a mega-event “Exhibition” in the middle of May which includes students’ projects. This year the exhibition is focusing on eco-friendly projects under the slogan “Eco solves your problems”. The exhibition is targeting engineering students in departments of ( Mechatronics- Energy Engineering and Renewable – Communication – computer). Students are assisted by our technical support team until the delivery date, and then the projects for each department are evaluated and the most distinguished and innovative projects are honored. In addition, we are working on a car war competition. The main goal is to encourage students to start making and working on their own projects, especially fresh students. We hope this start helps them to apply their knowledge to complete projects with the addition of a spirit of challenge and competition to work under the slogan of “Go where the winners go”.