IEEE Zagazig SB was established in 1999 by group of engineering students, it’s considered one of the first student branches in Egypt, since that date the branch helped in serving the students not only of the university but also the students of all universities in Egypt.

Vision: Create generations of students as critical thinkers, skillful leaders, innovators, more developed and experienced in different fields of science and technology.

IEEE Zagazig Student Branch has 2 official Societies:

  1. IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (IEEE RAS)

  • IEEE RAS ZSC was established in Jan 2014, to raise the awareness and knowledge about robotics and electronics in the university allowing students to make projects and join competitions.

    2.   IEEE Computer Society (IEEE CS)

  • The society started out in 2015/2016 year summer vacation with a very carefully selected group of members. We offered introductory CS101 hands-on course with applications in Python and C programming languages under a program titled "Rookies Training”. Later on every member was allowed to select a specific track in Computer Science to pursue in their own vicinity which includes, but not limited to, Embedded Systems, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Compilers Writing as well as other tracks.

Our Activties:

  • Organize free courses, workshops, seminars and events for student

  • Provide students with required scientific references.

  • Support students mini-projects technically and with components.

  • Organizing scientific trips.

  • And for the first time in Zagazig: we launched a new program to inspire kids to learn Robotics and Programming.

Notable Events:

  1. Electronics Day – RAS Opening

  2. Illuminate your way 1 for Power Engineers

  3. Semi Colon Programming Competition

  4. MUTEX’17 (CS Opening)

     -   About MUTEX’17 (CS Opening):

  • Date: On FEB, 2017                           

  • Attendees: 350

  • Brief: The opening event for (IEEE Computer Society ZSC) was a scientific and technical event covering four of the major topics in IEEE Future Directions, namely:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Big Data

  • Cloud Computing

  • Internet of Things (IOT)

As four sessions (and accompanying workshops) instructed by representatives of well-established, multi-national, companies in the mentioned fields, respectively:

  • IBM (IBM Watson)

  • ORACLE (ORACLE Database)

  • Microsoft (Microsoft Azure)

  • Mentor Graphics

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