About IEEE Suez Canal Student Branch :-
was founded in 16th of October 2012, it’s located in the faculty of engineering, Suez Canal University , New Campus, Ismailia , Egypt



Vision: -

Our primary goal is to spread the latest technology among our community ; by holding events , giving sessions and workshops and empowering the students with both technical and non-technical skills , using the slogan of IEEE ….#Advancing_technology_for_humanity.

Mission: -   

  • Create new leaders in the branch who will have the responsibility of the branch in the upcoming years.
  • ­ Make our student branch the most active in the region and the world.  
  • ­Make everyone know what is "IEEE”.  
  • ­Spread the latest technology and spread the science in a simple way
  • Hunt  new qualified and talented members 

The branch was the first in the suez canal region ,and organized several mega-events including:

  • ISEF (December  2014)
  • RobotsDay (October 2015)
  • Techno-B (December 2016)
  • RoboMania (December 2017)

The branch also hosted dozens of technical and non-technical sessions and workshops both on and off campus, and continues to deliver its message through its valuable volunteers.

Branch awards: -

IEEE SCU SB Won The best Website award in Region 8 contest in 2016.